Therapy Extended With Liza Young

Recovering Your Truest Self with Dr. Kelly Flanagan

May 08, 2022 Liza Young Season 2 Episode 13
Therapy Extended With Liza Young
Recovering Your Truest Self with Dr. Kelly Flanagan
Show Notes

Do you ever feel like you aren't enough? Worthless? Lonely?
Do you struggle to know what your purpose or passion is?
Do you long to feel authentic and loveable?

Listen as Dr. Kelly Flanagan, a licensed clinical psychologist, author and speaker, shares wisdom from his personal experiences. 
We dive into his books, Loveable and True Companions, in order to look closer at how to heal from shame and dig up our truest self. How to believe we are enough and find our passion again. How to feel loveable!
"Dr. Flanagan is  known to millions for the letters he writes to his children and shares on his blog. Loveable is written to the little one in each of us, who is all too ready to be reminded: you are enough, you are not alone, and you matter.

In Loveable, Dr. Flanagan reveals the core insight gleaned from his years of clinical work: you are here for a reason, yet you cannot truly awaken to it until you have first embraced your truest, worthiest self and then allowed yourself to be truly embraced by others.

True Companions shows that we each have within ourselves, exactly the way we are, what we need to cultivate the life-long relationships we are longing for. Whether you are focused on your marriage, your parenting, your friendships, or another important relationship, here you will learn how growing in self-knowledge leads the way to growing in your love for God and others. Discover how you can put your loneliness to work for you in your relationships, rather than against you. Learn how your psychological and emotional defenses can help you to connect more vulnerably rather than protect so defensively. Immerse yourself in the one perspective that assures you will prioritize your companions now the way you will one day wish you had."

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